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American Peanut Council Sustainability Initiative

Peanuts have a great story to tell on sustainability. The American Peanut Council has set up a task force which is measuring our carbon footprint and other indicators of sustainability throughout our supply chain from the farm through processing and even the life cycle of the packaging of our food products. The task force will also collaborate on methods to further improve the sustainability of U.S. peanuts and products.


Mission Statement

Sustainability begins at the farm and ends with consumers around the world enjoying high quality peanut products. The American Peanut Council Sustainability Initiative Task Force will provide a forum for all segments of the U.S. peanut industry to:

Exchange ideas and information
Agree on goals and methods of measurement
Determine needed research in the areas of sustainability

The task force seeks to enhance each industry segment’s competitiveness and profitability by improving sustainability throughout the U.S. peanut industry supply chain, while contributing to a better environment.


Goals and Objectives

It is the Task Force’s goal to forge a clear common understanding of what sustainability means within the peanut industry and to ensure that various constituencies’ (business, academic, consumer) evaluation of peanut sustainability is based on consistent sound science and appropriate principles, as well as provide industry members with goals, tools, and support to incorporate sustainability in their business operations.